Ever since he burst on to the synthwave scene in early 2017, the Los Angeles based artist known as FacexHugger (the X is silent) has made a name for himself through his own uniquely dark take on the genre reminiscent of other acts such as Carpenter Brut and GosT. Influenced by a lifelong appreciation for science fiction and horror movie soundtracks, FacexHugger follows in the electronic music based footsteps of John Carpenter, Goblin, and Vangelis to deliver haunting and otherworldly sounds. From the release of his first album, Chasing Replicants, to his self titled EP, plus a collaborative experience entitled VS., FacexHugger has received critical acclaim across the board and amassed quite the following from around in the world in the process. All the while he has continually honed his craft by going from being a completely in the box digital producer to now using mainly physical hardware. It is this dedication that has led him to a series of notable live performances such as opening for Perturbator, another one of his influences, and occupying a prominent spot in the lineup at the first annual Echosynthetic Fest in Atlanta. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, what with already being hard at work on a new album and more live performances planned as well in the not too distant future, FacexHugger is an act that can't be missed and has to be both seen and heard to be believed.

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